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How to write an English paper

To begin with, I should say that writing is not flair reserved for some select few, yet a skill that can be practiced and improved. Planning and organization are cornerstones of any writing process. Below I’d like to present the main requirements of writing an essay which should be followed when writing class assignments, essays, book reports or reviews and term papers.

In terms of structure, every essay must start with the introduction or an opening paragraph. One should begin with a general statement and then narrow it down to the controlling idea which will lead to thesis statement. A body of the essay consists of three developing paragraphs. It is essential that transitions (repetition of key words and ideas) to connect paragraphs together are used in each paragraph. Moreover, the topic sentence should be further developed with details, definitions, illustrations, comparisons, and contrasts. Finally, one must conclude the paragraph with a summary of the main idea. Conclusion makes up the finishing paragraph. In this part of the essay the thesis must be restated, which will emphasize the main idea of the essay. A general statement finalizing the discussion should end the paper.
A very important aspect of any essay is a thesis statement. The thesis states the main point of your essay. It answers the questions: “What is the topic of the essay? “ “What does the writer think about it? “ “What message does the writer convey through his essay? “ A good thesis must be presented in the end of the first paragraph. It should also consist of two parts: it informs what the writer is going to discuss and the way they are going to do it.
It goes without saying that essay writing requires a profound analysis of the collected information as well as a lot of effort and concentration. Before doing actual research for an essay, general principles of the assignment must be cleared out. Having acquainted with the main points, the task will be facilitated which will make the process more enjoyable.
To sum up, I’d like to point out that following a specific outline and format is the principal demand of every academic paper. When fulfilling all the instructions and requirements the process of writing can become a rewarding one.

Globalization and cultures and identity (Sample Paper)

Nowadays globalization is a much-discussed topic. Sociologists study its impact on cultures and identity. Will a tendency to homogenization destroy cultural diversity? This is the question scientists are trying to find an answer to. Worldwide distribution of internationally traded consumer brands, the global popularity of popular cultural icons and artefacts, and the simultaneous communication of events by satellite broadcasts to hundreds of millions of people at a time on all continents are in fact visible marks of economic globalization, which invades the cultural arena. There can be little doubt that cultural globalization is perceived and experienced the most nowadays. Despite the complexity of cultural interactions between different societies over the last three thousand years, the more intensive movement of images and symbols and the extraordinary stretch of modes of thought and modes of communication are unique and unprecedented features of the late twentieth century and the new millennium. Thus globalization leads to widening, deepening and accelerating of world wide inter-connectedness in all aspects of contemporary social life, from the cultural to the criminal, from the financial to the spiritual.

If we look at the present stage of globalization we can easily notice the economy and technology invading cultural aspect of humanity life. The influence of multinational corporations, the international division of labour force, more intensive labour migration, international financial and commodity trading, the importance of trading regulatory agreements, financial resolutions at global level, and bodies such as the World Trade Organisation, World Bank and IMF – they all confirm the globalisation of ‘material exchanges’ involved in economic relations. Naturally, one can cite numerous instances when production, exchange and consumption of commodities do remain relatively local activities, but a just a trip around the neighbourhood will quickly reveal how much it is not a local produce. It is especially obvious in technology. For example, software productions in India supplies the markets in USA, UK and Australia. Therefore, this kind of production is a part of the global process. In the cultural aspect material artifacts are also under the globalization influence – those are such items as books, CDs, celluloid, electronic flows on to TV screens and videos.

It has been observed that of all the electronic media of modern mass communication, radio has been the most easily globalized. Radio experienced transnationalization of its broadcasting scope and global distribution in its use and ownership long before other electronic media. Alongside its other transnational functions like government and military, the medium has been an important leverage of cultural diffusion. In some way the pop culture and musical form is one that lends itself to globalization more efficiently than any other. The relative ease of cultural diffusion in this sphere has been reflected in the spread of many genres and major artists all over the world. Many global products, images and messages are associated with Madonna, Britney Spears and the like.

In fact, the globalization of the music industry has taken many forms. First, it has triggered the creation of transnational corporations producing and marketing records. Second, it has involved the import and export of musical products and penetration of national markets by foreign artists and music. Third, it has been partly based on a broader transfer of style and images that are largely rooted in American Youth Culture and black culture. Now these styles are the ultimate source of the world pop culture. Summing it all up, I can draw a conclusion that globalization has been rapidly developing primarily in its cultural aspect, and its influence is manifested in the fields of economy and technology, media and pop culture.

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